Because we are a very small independently operated business, we don’t have the capacity to handle returns and exchanges if you change your mind. Because of this, all sales are final. We ask that you read the entire item description and view all photos before making a decision on purchasing. If you have any questions about fit, size or anything else please don’t hesitate to send us a quick email, we are always happy to answer questions and provide additional information if you need it!

Processing time

We will need approx. 3-5 business days after your item is completed to pack your order. After an item is purchased, it moves its way back to Jessie’s workbench for a final polish before shipping. The 3-5 days allows us to polish and pack your order for shipment. After a large shop update, you may see a slight delay in processing time. We will always communicate with you if there is a delay for whatever reason.

Business Days

Business Days are Monday through Friday excluding these national holidays and vacations: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Winter vacation: December 20th—January 10th
Spring/Summer vacation: TBA

Note: Custom and Pre-Orders will run Monday-Sunday excluding national holidays and vacations.

Fabrication Time

Ready to wear— Ready to wear items are items that have already been made and just need processing time before they are dropped in the mail to you. 

Pre-Order/Custom Design—As of September 1st 2020, the standard fabrication timeline will be 30 days. However, on some items we may need longer than 30 days. If we need longer than the standard 30 day production—you will find a note in the items listing designating the fabrication timeline. If you don’t see a timeline in the description, please assume a 30 day turn around time. If at any point you want to confirm fabrication time for your piece, kindly email us to ask!

Regardless of the disclosed or discussed time frame—some orders can take weeks longer to complete. Please be aware of this before placing a custom or pre-order. Although it isn’t common for Jessie to not meet the fabrication deadline, instances may arise where it can happen. Example: COVID-19. Communicate often and know that I appreciate your patience.

If you need your order completed by a guaranteed date, you can rush order it.

If you can’t commit to the waiting time for your order, please keep a lookout for ready to wear items that are frequently dropped in the online store.

Rush order If you need your order by a guaranteed date for an event or gift; please contact us prior to placing your order to discuss the timeline. Some rush orders will require an additional fee and some may not. We are happy to chat with you about your deadline!

Rush order process
We offer guaranteed completion by an agreed upon date. It’s up to you to schedule your timeline and provide us with a date that fits into your schedule (with shipping times kept in mind.) You will select a shipping method of your choice to allow the item to get to you by the date that you need it.

Our agreed upon date is an agreement that your order will be completed and shipped out of our studio on or before that day ends. Please choose your completion date wisely and make sure there is room for extra delays from USPS for it to arrive to you on the date that you need it by.

Please Note: Orders can sometimes take much longer than the estimate. Scheduling orders into our calendar is always a guess as far as how long it will take. It’s impossible for us to know exactly how long every item will take to fabricate. Jessie is working on dozens of orders at any given time—so, if 1/4 of her workload takes a little longer to complete than she initially estimated, her entire schedule can be pushed back by weeks. (If a rush order has been discussed, disregard this notice)

Please be understanding of this when placing an order and know that Jessie will never rush a piece just to meet a deadline as she feels the integrity of the piece could be compromised. With that being said, some orders may go beyond the designated production time frame. If this does happen, please be respectful of our integrity and know that Jessie is working as diligently and efficiently as possible to complete your order. Should you have any questions regarding your deadline, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Custom Design

If you see an item for sale in our shop and inquire about having a similar piece made custom for you, know that it may be priced higher. Custom designing involves additional communication, planning, researching, sourcing of materials and photography during the consultation phase. Custom designing is more involved and it’s a very lengthy process. If a custom design is out of your budget, please keep an eye out for ready to wear items that are added to the store.

Custom Design quotes are valid for 10 days and are subject to change based on the metal market.

At this time, we don’t work with client provided stones or materials.

The Design Process
Familiarize yourself with the type of work that we create to get an idea of what we can make for you.

2. Inquire
Send an inquiry through the submission form on the Custom Design page here.

3. Approval
After inquiry, we will review your submission. Some designs will need to be modified from the initial vision to fit within your selected budget. Jessie will always use her knowledge in designing jewelry to give alternative suggestions on modifications that are aesthetically pleasing. If you are open to flexibility, we can make sure you are happy with your custom piece!

4. Deposit.
After your inquiry is approved, a $500 deposit is required to to begin further detailed discussion on planning out designs, choosing and sourcing stones and discussing final pricing. The deposit is required 48 hours after communication of your approval. Your deposit will be applied towards your total balance. Specific details about your custom piece will only be discussed after a deposit has been made. Sending photos, doing research, sourcing, planning, correspondence and pricing is billed labor. For whatever reason if you decide not to follow through with the custom work after your deposit has been made, your deposit is billed as labor and will not be refunded. However, if for whatever reason we decide that we are unable to accommodate your request after you have paid a deposit, we will return your deposit.

5. Consultation
The consultation period is a 10 day period where we have communication about your custom piece. Please be prompt with replies during this stage of the process. We will discuss anything and everything about your piece. The consultation may take less than 10 days or a little longer. We will be flexible on the consultation period to make sure you are happy with your piece. 

6. Balance Due and Signing Off on the design
When you sign off on the final design after the 10 day consultation period end, the remaining balance will be due within 48 hours. After you sign off on your design, the design cannot be changed. This is because we will have already purchased materials custom for you and have begun working on your piece. If there are any massive changes needed after you sign off on your design, you may be subject to a $200+ change fee plus any additional cost of materials and labor expenses in excess to what was already agreed upon. 

7. Production begins
Production times will be discussed privately during the consultation. Discussed timelines are contingent on discrepancies in sourcing of stones & materials.

Engagement rings
Engagement rings are worn indefinitely and are rarely taken off. Engagement rings function a lot different than other pieces of jewelry. For a ring to withstand this kind of wear, it needs to be made with a harder stone and a more durable metal. Soft stones will not hold up to this kind of wear. Examples of soft stones are Turquoise, Opals, Pearls, Amber, Amazonite, Labradorite, Apatite, Azurite etc. If you insist on having a softer stone, special care will need to be taken with the ring. It will need to be kept from water, removed often etc. We do not work with silver for engagement rings.

For engagement requests, know that there are many alternative options to the traditional look, including stone types and cuts. Some popular options for engagement rings are traditional diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, sapphires (these come in a range of colors) and moissanite. Moissanite is a beautiful alternative to a diamond. It has a higher refractive index compared to a diamond and has a ‘disco ball’ sparkle. Moissanite costs significantly less than a Diamond and is man made stone. If you are concerned about ethics and the mining of diamonds, Moissanite is the most ethical you can get!

We suggest a minimum budget of $1,500 for an engagement ring, however, if you are on a tighter budget there are still some options for you.

Whatever your preference may be, we can work together to build something that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind that will stand up to the test of time.

Shipping guidlines

It’s your responsibility for the value of your order to arrive safely with the shipping method chosen; whether that be the physical item purchased, or the monetary value of the item if it were lost, stolen or damaged.

To ensure you receive the value of your item(s) in the event of loss, theft or damage; you must purchase shipping insurance.

If your order is lost, stolen or damaged and you have not insured your order; we can’t offer a replacement or a refund. Purchasing insurance will protect you so you are not at a complete loss after your package goes missing. If you decide not to purchase insurance, you are forfeiting the value of the package if it were lost, stolen or damaged.

As a small business, we can’t take a loss due to the post office mishandling or miss delivering a package. This is why we suggest that you insure your order! If we’ve completed and finished the item and the post office has received it; we’ve done what is asked of us and put in the work that we were commissioned to do. If your package goes missing or is damaged while in the carriers possession, we can’t forfeit income for work that was already done—we simply can’t undo the work. If your item is being transited through a mail carrier, please insure it. That way if it doesn’t arrive for any reason, you’ll get a reimbursement and we can make that same item for you again!

If you need help filing an insurance claim through USPS or shipsurance, we can help!

Signature confirmation If you place an order using Paypal and your order value is $750 or greater, it will be sent with signature confirmation.

International shipping

We ship to many countries and have to manually add them to our shipping service. If you don’t see your country listed, please send us an email and we will see if there are any prohibitions or restrictions for mailing to your country.

Shipping prohibitions and restrictions are regarding jewelry crossing borders, or jewelry content, ie: diamonds, precious metals etc. Some countries listed below are not covered by shipsurance to ship to from the United States.

Prohibited countries/locations:
Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire)
North Korea
Sierra Leone

Sales tax

Bear + the Adelaide is ran and operated in Washington State. Because we have nexus in Washington State, in accordance to State and Federal law, we must collect sales tax from Washington residents. Sales Tax will be collected on goods purchased with a billing and/or shipping address located in Washington State.

Gift Card terms

Gift cards are not redeemable or refundable for cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. However, we will do our best to track down your gift card # if you can’t find it. Your gift card can be used on merchandise through only. They are not valid at brick and mortar. Gift card balances do not expire. Only the purchaser and the recipient can use the gift card. The name on the transactions must match or the order will be immediately cancelled. This prevents misuse of the card from unauthorized parties.

Need more information on determining a ring size, resizing a ring or financing?

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