Wondering how to purchase?

Let me explain a few things so you know what to expect

If you’re new to my page, you may notice my shop shelves look a little bare. That’s because most items sell fairly quick—most within’ minutes of a release date and the rest usually later that day.

Since I produce labor intensive work on a small scale basis, I can’t physically make enough to go around. I’ve gained a very loyal client base over the years and most of them are avid collectors, so they follow my work like hawks.

Occasionally there will be a few pieces left over after a large shop update; so don’t always assume everything has sold out before you look.

As for as how I go about releasing new items— I typically will make a curated collection and set a time and date for a release. Those items will be available right here on my website.

I don’t take holds or reserves, so, shop updates are always a first come first served basis. I usually schedule 1 larger shop update every 3-6 months.

I also occasionally offer up items for Pre-Order.

Pre-Order items are designs that I have (or sometimes have not) made previously and offer to take a limited amount of orders on. A Pre-Order item will be made just for you in the size or length you request; and you’ll have to agree to the production time prior to placing the order.

I sporadically release Pre-Order items at least every 6 weeks.

In order to purchase something online, you’ll have to watch for my announcements on when things will be available. I announce all release dates and availability of Pre-Order items through Instagram.

Instagram is the only social media platform I use to engage with my community and promote my work. I share behind the scenes of my building process on there too. 

For those who aren’t active on Instagram, I also send out info regarding upcoming releases via my newsletter (New for 2020)

I work small-scale on a collection to collection basis and only offer up Pre- Order items when I can squeeze them into my schedule. I don’t have the ability to take on custom work. I promise its not you, it’s me. If you wish to support my work, you can do so by showing up for a shop update or simply engaging with me on Instagram.

Although my shop looks little bare at times, I fabricate anywhere from 500-700 pieces of jewelry a year—so know that I am always actively working on something new for you. 

Still have questions? Before using the contact form, see if my FAQ or Policies pages can help.

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