About the brand

Jewelry built by hand with a torch and hammer by Goldsmith Jessie Corigliano

Bear + the Adelaide is a one-woman owned jewelry brand focused entirely on small scale quality production. The same two hands design and build each piece with the Bear + the Adelaide stamp; from start to finish.

My mission as a handmade artist is to bring back the appreciation for real manual labor and the products that come from it. It’s a process that requires true patience, persistence and heart.

What I can promise you is good quality jewelry that’s built to last. There’s no cutting corners here when it comes to your jewelry. I’ve consciously made the effort to perfect this craft by hand through a slow and deliberate process.

My specialty is in working with precious metals—specifically gold and silver. I build each piece one-by-one from raw material by using a vast amount of tools that I’ve acquired over the years.

I am adamant about building a bond and engaging with my community through social media. The maker-consumer connection is really the best part about being in business.

I make all jewelry out of my home studio here in Spokane, Washington. All photography, shipping, graphic/web design and content creation is also done in house, by me.

My work is sold online exclusively though this website. You won’t find it anywhere else. Every single piece comes directly from my hands straight to yours.

Wondering how to purchase? Since Bear + the Adelaide is a one-woman operation, I can’t physically make enough jewelry to keep up with the demand as my fan base grows. If you are interested in purchasing jewelry from me in the future, please read the how to purchase page so you are prepared for my next release.


Learn more about my artistic journey in the blog post titled "A lot of people ask me how I wound up here"

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