Bear and the Adelaide

By Indie Jewelry Designer, Jessie Corigliano

OUR STORY—Owner and Founder, Jessie Corigliano, began designing jewelry in 2013. It has since evolved into a medium that she uses to evoke story telling for the wearer. Her specialty is working with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones. Each piece with the Bear and the Adelaide stamp is designed and fabricated with Jessie’s two hands; from start to finish.

OUR MISSION—To bring back the appreciation for physical human hand labor and the products that come from it. It’s a process that requires true patience, persistence and heart. It’s our brand dream to captivate you with the quality and heart of handmade jewelry; and to change your mind about the industries and brands you choose to support. We have a strong pull towards the quality over quantity lifestyle and hope to influence you towards it too!

OUR PROMISE—Jessie is committed to designing heirloom quality jewelry that’s built to withstand generations to come. She is committed to perfecting her craft and learning techniques that will only allow for improvement over time. We offer life-time free cleaning and polishing on all of your Bear and the Adelaide jewels to keep them in tip top shape!

Some nice words

From happy customers
  • "I'm always so blown away by Jessie's work. She has such a cohesive aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship. I'm so happy to have added this landscape jasper ring to my growing collection."
    Arielle Schow
  • "I cannot say enough about how much I love Jessie's work. I have been following her since the beginning, and to watch her blossom in her career is truly inspiring. Not only is she extremely talented, but she is a book of knowledge who offers so much help to the metalsmith community. I met jessie as a customer, and now as a friend I admire her and her success. If you want a piece of jewelry that will last a life time - come to this lady. Her jewelry never disappoints. Craftsmanship, skill, creativity, attention to every. single. detail. Thank you, Jessie!"
    Gabrielle Bilson
  • "Jessie does an amazing job. I loved following the development of the snake necklaces on her Instagram, and had to have one. It is perfect; crafted so well and looks great. It was thoughtfully packaged, labeled and arrived with no problem. I love this necklace and cannot wait to see what else Jessie makes."
    Marina Wichterman
  • "I bought a saguaro cactus necklace from Jessie last summer, but managed to lose it a few months ago. Being that it was my absolute favorite piece of jewelry, and something I wore everyday, I reached out to Jessie in hopes I could somehow get another one made. She went above and beyond to accommodate my request, and I am so grateful to say my saguaro was replaced. Thank you again and again Jessie, I love your work and appreciate all you did for me!"
    Lauren Donohue
  • "Jessie’s attention to detail is unparalleled. In my year as a silversmith I have learned so much from her and all of the amazing tips she is kind enough to share on her Instagram. She is so incredibly talented and knowledgeable. I figured it was about time I start to repay her for all she has taught me by supporting her! So glad I did. This turquoise necklace is amazing."
    Mandy Fierens
  • "This golden eye ring is absolutely stunning; incredible work as usual. Jessie is beyond talented and lovely, and this unique ring is handcrafted with the utmost care. I feel so lucky to own a piece of her art. Thank you again!"
  • "Buying something from Jessie is one of the best, most luxurious treats for myself that I can even think of. There are other sellers who can create some really nice, well-made pieces, but she is the best in my opinion. What sets her apart is her extreme attention to detail, her branding and her designs. Even if you could find someone who is comparable in skill, I don’t think you can find someone who has a more cohesive style or someone whose individual pieces have more harmony in their designs."
    Casey Gray
  • "What an amazing experience to watch this landscape jasper ring series evolve through Jessie’s Instagram stories. It makes the finished product even more special to have seen the care that went into creating each ring. This ring is unlike any other ring I own."
    Amy Smith
  • "No question Jessie puts a lot of passion and many meticulous hours into her pieces. From curating her stone collection to designing each piece and executing all aspects with skill. Save up your money and invest in a piece of her art. You will not regret it. Thanks Jessie!"
    Amy Leigh
  • " I love everything Jessie makes and love watching her Instagram. It truly makes you appreciate all the work that goes into each piece. Her work is second to none!"
    Jennifer Wolvert
  • "I am so thrilled to finally own something by such a talented lady. I looked forward to more purchases in the future. Thank you for your transparency as an artist and all you do to help and encourage other Silversmiths. I appreciate you."
    Jaccalyn Korv
  • "Love-love my carnelian raven necklace. The quality and attention to detail is 110% as with every piece of jewelry she has made for me. Each one has a very spiritual meaning. There are no words to describe Jessie's creativity and how each piece connects her love of nature and animals. Jessie's work is very special; I wear all three pieces proudly everyday and I get so many compliments."
    Barbara Wong
  • "Incredible!! Truly no words! I've loved everything I've purchased from this amazing talent Jessie! Always amazed at her attention to detail and truly unique work."
    Mary Lare